Half-Year Corporate Tax Return Filing Reminder

Please be reminded that the deadline for filing a half-year corporate tax return (PND. 51) and paying half-year income tax is 2 September 2013 for companies or juristic partnerships whose financial year follows the calendar year that follow the calendar year, i.e. January to December.

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02 August 2013

 The calculation of half-year tax must be based on net profits, as follows:

  • For listed companies, banks, or financial institutions, on the actual net profit for the half-year;
  • For other companies than the above, on one-half of an estimated amount of net profit for the entire year.

If a company fails to file the half-year tax return or underestimates its net profits by a margin exceeding 25% of the full-year net profits without reasonable cause, it shall be liable to pay surcharge of 20% of the amount of the tax shortfall.

However, under the Director-General’s Instruction No. Paw. 50/2537, if the company files a half-year corporate tax return on an estimated amount of net profit that is not less than one-half of its actual net profit according to the corporate income tax return filed for the previous year, this shall be treated as a reasonable approach.