Revenue Department Announces New Deadlines for Tax e-Filing

The Revenue Department has announced that companies registered for e-filing with have an extra eight days to file all tax returns. This incentive will run until January 2014.

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  • PND.1, PND.2, PND.3, PND.53 and PP.36 to be filed on or before 15th of the month;
  • PP.30 and PT.40 to be filed on or before 23rd of the month;
  • PND.50, PND.52 and PND.55 to be filed within 158 days after the year end;
  • PND.51 to be filed within 2 months and 8 days after the half year end;
  • PND.90 and PND.91 to be filed within 8th April; and
  • PND.94 to be filed within 8th October.