Tax Relief Measures for BOI Companies Announced

The Board of Investment (‘BOI’) has announced tax relief measures for factories affected by the floods whose investment privileges have not yet expired.

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A BOI promoted company with machinery and/or a factory building damaged by floods is eligible for the following tax incentives:

Type A – If Tax Holiday Capped at 100% of the Investment Amount

Privileges of existing project

Privileges for the new investment

Tax incentives

Amount of tax to be exempted

Tax incentives

3-8 years tax holiday

150% if investment located in the same province

8 years tax holiday

100% if relocates to another province

8 years tax holiday

Type B – If Tax Holiday not Capped

                  Privileges for the new investment

Additional Tax holiday

Additional 50% reduction on corporate income tax after the tax holiday

Additional 3 years tax holiday, but not more than 8 years in total

Remaining tax holiday          is  5 - 6 years

2 years

Remaining tax holiday     is  6 – 7 years

4 years

Remaining tax holiday          is  7 - 8 years

5 years

The promoted companies entitled to the privileges under Type B can also receive the privileges under Type A, although not both incentive packages.

In addition to the above, any industrial estate investing in flood-prevention systems are eligible for an eight-year tax holiday capped at no more than 200% of the investment.