Tax and legal considerations of M&A in APAC 2023 webinar

The Asia Pacific region has emerged as a prime destination for M&A activities. But navigating the complexities of M&A transactions in diverse APAC markets can be challenging. Are you interested in exploring the issues and trends impacting cross border transactions? Our webinar aims to provide valuable and practical insights in dealmaking in this region.

Join us on 24 May for the Tax and legal considerations of M&A in APAC 2023 webinar, in collaboration with LPA Singapore.

In this webinar, our tax experts will provide businesses with insights on the economic landscape, key tax concerns and legal issues related to M&A transactions in this region.

The webinar will cover the following topics 

  • Economic landscape for M&A in Asia
  • Tax considerations in group reorganisations
  • Tax implications of various financing instruments
  • Common tax issues to consider in SPA negotiations
  • Legal considerations regarding asset deals and equity deals

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You can find the full webinar details below:

Hear from our Mazars experts:

  • Elaine Chow – Partner, Tax (Singapore)
  • Hai Minh Nguyen – Partner, Head of Advisory Services (Vietnam)
  • Jamie Towers – Partner, Tax (Australia)
  • Jonathan Stuart-Smith – Partner, Tax (Thailand) (Moderator)
  • Laurent Nguyen – Partner, Financial Advisory (Vietnam)
  • Robert James – Partner, Tax (Australia) 
  • Yong Yong Khor – Partner, Tax (Malaysia)
  • Karen Lau – Director, Tax Advisory Services (Hong Kong)
  • Naritsaporn Tanapoonsin – Director, Tax (Thailand)

and featuring an external guest speaker

  • Arnaud Bourrut Lacouture - Registered Foreign Lawyer & Founding Partner, LPA Singapore

Come and join us for an insightful session.

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