Discover our 2012-2013 Annual Report, “Paving New Ways Together”

True to its mission of strengthening financial transparency, this is the ninth consecutive year in which Mazars is publishing an annual report, voluntarily offering the transparency which is required of all its listed client companies. Our annual report presents the major events of the past financial year, within the framework of the Group's long-term strategies.

With global turnover over the 1 billion milestone, at €1,045.6 million at 31 August 2013, Mazars achieved 3.2% growth in its business the 2012/2013 financial year. Our organic growth remained solid in a very uncertain economic environment, testifying not only to the resiliency of our unique growth model.

“Paving New Ways Together” is much more than the mere title of this report. These few words encapsulate the philosophy behind Mazars’ project. More than ever, we are convinced that collective intelligence is key to elaborate long term solutions to pave the ways to sustainable growth.


Mazars Annual Report 2012 2013 English
Mazars Annual Report 2012 2013 English - Digest