Computer forensics

Mazars can acquire, image, and process electronic data from different data sources for investigative purposes.

Our court-cited digital investigation platform allows us to:

  • Perform live acquisition/imaging of Electronically Stored Information (ESI), the result is a forensically sound image that stands up in court and on which we can perform searches on the basis of case-related keywords agreed upon with the client. It also enables data indications to be obtained from operating system artefacts and the retrieval of deleted data that is still present in slack space.
  • Handle voluminous datasets with high processing speeds from different data sources such as hard drives, mobile devices, network data, internet storage, and more
  • Easily make the most relevant material in an investigation visible
  • Reduce case investigation times by enabling the review of data and the identification of relevant evidence, all in one centralized location, hosted on our premises
  • Implement password recovery and data decryption solutions