Data analytics

Mazars offers data mining and forensic analysis services in connection with litigation, arbitration, and investigation assignments, including data collection, analysis, and reporting.

Our capacity to handle the technical side is complemented by our experience in fraud detection, as well as our understanding of the key business processes involved. Through our extensive use of data analysis software, our team helps clients handle litigations, disputes, fraud investigations, and risk.

Our approach uses predefined and bespoke automated detection scripts, and applies an evidence-preservation methodology. All of our data analysts have in-depth knowledge of business and financial processes, enabling them to perform application controls, fraud detection, financial-figure analysis, trend analysis, and application migration reviews.

The team uses dedicated tools to perform data analysis in order to:

  • Deal with significant volumes of data, up to several million transactions
  • Preserve the original data provided by the client to ensure that no alterations can be made
  • Keep track of all audit stages and use of developed scripts
  • Replicate data issues or re-run controls to test multiple scenarios using the scripting capability, thus improving audit efficiency
  • Efficiently integrate the existing file formats used to extract data from typical IT systems
  • Perform an exhaustive analysis, processing the complete set of transactions