Business challenges – The new normal

With Covid-19 now fading into the background in most Western countries and coming under control elsewhere around the world, the focus of many business owners, CEOs and CFOs is shifting to how can they transform their finance operations and capabilities. One key area of interest is payroll, where increased flexibility, accuracy, confidentiality, and control by a centralized team with global reach helps decision-makers reach their profitability goals.

A major solution companies of all sizes are exploring is outsourcing certain aspects of their business to a trusted partner. Having access to industry professionals who can take care of time-consuming procedures, gives businesses the breathing space they need to focus on their core operations. Payroll outsourcing has numerous benefits for all organizations, regardless of size and operational base. In this article, we highlight the concerns and solutions to turning over a critical monthly task to a professional service provider.

Mazars in Thailand’s task at hand is to solve our clients’ pain points and give them the opportunity to manage productive businesses effectively wherever they are based. All successful companies like to have positive relationships with their employees and by ensuring every member of staff receives their correct salary – and on time, is vital to good relations. But there are other concerns for employers too, such as compliance with laws and regulations, social security contributions and other sensitive areas.

For every payroll management concern you may have, rest assured there is a solution. Here is a checklist to address your requirements:

Your concern

Our solution

Best practice

Defined structure and accuracy

Business continuity

Payroll is processed on time


Restricted access to sensitive data

Cost reduction

Staff can be more productive elsewhere

Data protection

Secure data exchange and storage


Global / Regional / Local specialists


Concentrate on your core business goals

Multinational operations

Global payroll solution


Online solution in the cloud

Implementing an outsourcing strategy ensures you get the professional services when and where you need them. Think of it as one less area of worry. Why should you be employing staff every month to do a task that takes a few days to complete? A payroll outsourcing service give companies like yours tools and solutions that offer greater agility and efficiency thanks in part to today’s secure cloud-based operating environment. Furthermore, you’ll have access to experienced teams of professionals who provide you with a human interface, up-to-date industry knowledge, and cross-industry specialization.

As companies around the world prepare for a new phase of doing business with ever-changing complexities, give your workforce the freedom to excel at what they do best; then outsource the rest. In future articles, we will take a look at more options for HR and payroll outsourcing.

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