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Ensuring that the necessary legal due diligence is performed before the acquisition or disposal of a business at the right price in Thailand is often a crucial component of an organisation’s development. We provide commercial M&A transaction services and financial and legal due diligence services to businesses in Thailand. We can work with you on all aspects of the pre- and post-deal transformation. With our business due diligence services, we help to ensure that when you commit to a deal in Thailand, you are doing so on a fully informed basis, thereby minimising the risk of future surprises. We don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach to our commercial due diligence consulting services. We believe it’s essential to understand the strategic objectives of your transaction and the unique characteristics of your organisation.


At Mazars, we have:

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  • A tailored and flexible approach

Our scope of work as a due diligence service provider in Thailand will be adapted to meet your exact needs.

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  • High levels of service

Our transaction services teams have advised on a multitude of corporate and financial transactions for clients and institutions both in Thailand and internationally. Mazars’ integrated international structure and our experienced expert teams in Thailand ensure that our clients are fully equipped with the advice they need to make their M&A transactions a success.

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  • Identifying and reporting issues

We are able to help address the key factors and risks associated with your deal and to report on the issues that matter, providing you with the assurance you need to make the right investment decision.



Consumer products

Due diligence 

Our client produces and distributes consumer products with a focus on core products such as beverages, personal care, and provision of product manufacturing in Thailand.

Mazars was appointed to provide financial due diligence services to the client within the scope of its investment in a vending machine company.



Vendor assistance

Our client is a leading platform for luxury villa rentals across Southeast Asia.

Mazars was appointed to assist in the preparation of proforma financials of the group in the context of the sell-side documentation to be reviewed by the acquirer, a listed hospitality group based in Thailand.



Due Diligence & Valuation  

Our client is a Hong Kong-based comprehensive supply chain service company.

Mazars performs due diligence and valuation services on a manufacturing company specialized in producing high-quality enamel-coated cast iron products based in Thailand.

Digital asset exchange

Digital asset exchange

Financial and tax due diligence

Mazars was selected to perform a due diligence on the leading digital asset exchange in Thailand. The target has a variety of digital currencies to trade in the system and intends to create a more competitive advantage.

Our client seeks to an acquisition opportunity of the Target and preferred Mazars’ services to advise all the financial information. 



Vendor due diligence

Our client is a Thai cross-border logistics company with operations in several Southeast Asian countries.

Mazars has been appointed to perform financial due diligence on two companies based in Thailand and Cambodia.

Dgt Property Marketplace

Digital Property Marketplace

Due diligence

Our client is a technology venture capital firm based in Singapore with investments all across Southeast Asia.

Mazars was appointed to perform financial and tax due diligence on a company operating an end-to-end platform and marketplace for buying and renting properties.


Engineering Services

Due diligence

Our client is a French multidisciplinary, engineering consultancy group.

On behalf of the client, Mazars performed financial and tax due diligence on an engineering consultancy firm based in Thailand and specialized in studies and designs of marine construction projects.



Due diligence

An international insurance services group listed on Euronext Paris that become the leading wholesale broker in France and an international authority in the sector with 3,800 staff globally.

Mazars provided due diligence services within the scope of its acquisition of a majority stake, a company that provides medical assistance and claims handling to insurance & assistance companies.



Financial and tax due diligence

A global, integrated energy producer and provider, the world’s fifth-ranked international oil and gas company.

Mazars’ teams in Thailand and Singapore have been involved in a bioplastics joint-venture project. The project was publicly released on November 16, 2016.

financial insurance and marketplace services

Financial, Insurance and Marketplace services

Financial and tax due diligence

Our client registered in Dubai, is an international growth market investment firm focusing on consumer industries going through technology-enabled change.

Mazars was appointed to provide financial and tax due diligence services to the group companies, which specialize in financial, insurance, and marketplace services in Thailand. 

Our due diligence processes

It’s important that company and operational due diligence services are started before any detailed analysis of the financials is undertaken.

This way, comfort can be obtained that financial analysis is performed in the right context.

Process of Due Diligence




Q: What is financial due diligence?

A: Financial due diligence is a thorough investigation of legal documents and aspects of a business transaction, such as an acquisition or merger, to identify potential risks and liabilities. Conducted by legal professionals, the goal is to inform decision-making and mitigate risks through the examination of contracts, litigation history, and regulatory compliance. 

Q: Why is financial due diligence important?

A: Financial due diligence is crucial for gaining a thorough understanding of the legal health of a business. It helps investors, acquirers, or partners make informed decisions, mitigate risks, and ensure compliance with laws and regulations. It's particularly important in mergers, acquisitions, and investments to avoid any legal issues that could affect the value or success of the transaction. 

Q: What does financial due diligence involve?

A: Financialdue diligence involves examining various legal documents and aspects of a business, including but not limited to the following: corporate documents and structure; contracts and agreements; employment and labour issues; intellectual property; litigation and legal disputes; compliance with laws and regulations; and property and assets. 

Q: How long does financial due diligence take?

A: The duration of financial due diligence can vary depending on the complexity of the business, the nature of the transaction, and the thoroughness of the examination. Typically, we allocate a timeframe of three weeks for this process. 

Q: Is financial due diligence only for large businesses?

A: Financial due diligence is not limited to large businesses. It is a crucial process for assessing legal health, risks, and opportunities in various business transactions, including mergers, acquisitions, and investments, regardless of the size of the business or investment. 

Q: Can I conduct financial due diligence on my own? 

A: Due to the complexity and expertise required, it's highly recommended to engage legal professionals to conduct due diligence. However, having a basic understanding of the process and what to look for can be beneficial for business owners and investors.