Operational Due Diligence (ODD)

To ensure that the maximum benefit is achieved from a transaction, it is critical that the internal operations of both the target and the acquirer are leveraged to unlock value, seize opportunities for synergies and efficiencies, and maximize cash flows.

Key issues we address in an ODD include:

Staff and management team

  • Individuals who may be critical to ongoing success
  • Barriers to the successful integration of teams
  • Demographic characteristics of the staff pool

Business processes

  • Understanding systems and processes
  • Barriers to the integration of key systems
  • Key areas where efficiencies may be obtained

The supply chain

  • Key characteristics of the existing chain
  • The extent to which supply chain efficiencies may be obtained
  • Barriers to the integration of supply chains

Customer and supplier relations

  • Understanding the nature of customer and supplier relationships
  • Barriers to changing existing relationships