inControl: Global Compliance Made Easy

Are you a Finance Director or Financial controller running a multi-national business? Do you face the challenge of differing local compliance rules in all the jurisdictions you work in? Are you dependent on remote teams?
If this sounds like you, then Mazars has the solution…

inControl is a digital platform created by Mazars to help global organisations monitor and enhance their compliance processes. Accessible via the web or a mobile app, it provides transparency of the entire compliance process and the ability to assess performance of internal and external teams against defined KPIs.

It offers a simple solution to monitor global compliance activities, allowing you to identify and resolve issues before they become a problem. Using red, amber and green indicators to highlight all processes, tasks and workflows can easily be managed and seen at a glance at both local and global levels.

Why use inControl?

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Full transparency

Complete oversight of compliance activities presented in a simple dashboard format with clear responsibilities.

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Customisable workflows 

Allows you to structure your portal to reflect your own internal organisation and processes.

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Collaborate efficiency 

inControl provides a collaboration platform allowing real time interaction and sharing of key documents. This global hub for compliance allows you to significantly reduce wastage in the compliance process and increase productivity.

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Stay inControl

inControl gives you constant visibility of compliance deadlines and the entire compliance process. We will keep you up to date with legislative changes in each country.

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Reduced risk 

Business-specific ‘risk points’ can be set, enabling you to see immediately if intervention is required.

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Secure yet easy to access

Fully cloud based and accessible wherever, whenever – via an app for mobile and tablet or through the web. Supported by the latest Microsoft Azure technology and security protocols.

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Supported by a global coordination team

Combining local knowledge with a global coordination team.

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Real-time information 

inControl prioritises your upcoming compliance deadlines, and provides status reports to proactively manage and mitigate risk.

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Central document storage

Enables easy retrieval and version control.

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Cost saving 

No capital expenditure is required to use the portal and it can be set up and running in minutes by Mazars’ Outsourcing teams, without reliance on technical IT input.