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Managing global payroll services across multiple countries can be challenging for many businesses. You may face different payment dates and deadlines, local rules and regulations, types of deductions, frequency of payments and a variety of reporting requirements. It can also be problematic and inefficient using multiple local providers and hiring specialists in countries to service only a few employees. We’re a global payroll company. By using our services, you can meet the challenges that multinational businesses face today.

How can we help you? 

Mazars offers a comprehensive multi-country payroll outsourcing service that is seamless and efficient. By centralising your global payroll services with one experienced firm, you retain greater control over the various regulations required to comply with payroll across multiple countries.

At Mazars, we can help by simplifying these complex issues and deliver global payroll processing services in Thailand with quality, efficiency and consistency. We work closely with your organisation to ensure that all salary payments are calculated accurately and paid on time. We do this by utilising the latest smart technology to ensure compliance across all the deadlines and regulations of the countries in which you have employees. Our global payroll service platform will be accessible by you and your team all day, every day.

Using our global payroll management software, we will collect your employee and payroll data from each country and territory. Payroll will be processed locally in each-country by experts. You will always have the opportunity to engage with our experts in your language. We will provide detailed reports, prepare the statutory filings and work with you to manage the payments to employees.

A dedicated Mazars coordinator will be assigned to your company’s payroll and will be your main point of contact for any questions you have, or changes to the payroll processing that need to be made.

Having a dedicated team on the ground in the country where your employees work and live helps your company successfully negotiate the sometimes complex labour laws and local customs. Your Mazars representative can successfully and transparently deliver everything required to operate successfully with global employees.

If your needs include a global payroll company, Mazars is the company that can help you.

We provide:

Outsourcing 2

A cloud technology-led service with digital outputs

Outsourcing 6

Global payroll processing

Outsourcing 8

International payroll specialists

and a designated coordinator

Outsourcing 21

A quality service across all countries

Outsourcing 11

Delivery in your local language

Outsourcing 7

Consistent, consolidated reporting

Outsourcing 12

Global workflow monitoring 

How will you benefit from our global payroll services?

Outsourcing 13

No need to employ in-house payroll specialists

Outsourcing 18

Consistent service fees and contractual agreements across all countries

Outsourcing 19

A single point of contact to manage your global payroll processing requirements in Bangkok

Outsourcing 17

Easier integration of payroll with the HR and finance systems in your organisation 

Outsourcing 14

Better operational control and compliance through our globalpayroll management platform

Outsourcing 4

Coordinate and standardise entry into new countries

Outsourcing 1

Improved process efficiency through standardisation and automation

Outsourcing 20

The confidence from working with local payroll experts 

Why Mazars?

There are three core pillars that define Mazars’ global payroll services.


Global firm, local experts - “One global partner, wherever you go”

Mazars’ unique global structure allows us to operate with local experts in 91 countries who are deeply familiar with local payroll requirements and handle your payroll needs on the ground. We are a recognised global payroll services provider with no reliance on third parties.


Beyond payroll services - “Keeping you truly compliant with deeper expertise”

Mazars offers more than “just” payroll expertise. We can support our clients on complex topics such as employment laws, global mobility services, compensation and benefits, etc.


Modern technology - “Improving efficiency and transparency”

Mazars delivers its payroll services through a modern, cloud-based technology platform that automates processes and aggregates data from around the world.

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