For businesses looking at opportunities in overseas markets, outsourcing is a low risk way to grow. Using a provider with knowledge of the local market and a track record in helping organisations set up operations reduces the risk of non-compliance with local regulations.

Mazars is a truly integrated partnership which allows us to operate as one united team across international borders. This structure is the foundation upon which our international services are built.

We work with companies of all sizes – from owner managed businesses to Fortune 500 multinational corporations and unicorn companies. And what’s more, our experience spans a large number of industry sectors, including financial services and insurance, e-commerce, tourism, manufacturing and retail markets.

We are proud that our international coverage and breadth of support is comparable to other big advisers. But we are just as proud of what makes us different: we offer the best of both worlds by underpinning world-wide technical support with serious partner involvement and a real commitment to client service.

We have developed solutions tailored towards our client’s requirements:

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Global payroll services 

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In Thailand, our professionals are experienced in working with companies in multiple jurisdictions. A single point of contact within Mazars will coordinate all the relationships with individual countries to guarantee a consistent and integrated service.

You will have the assurance that your accounting records are accurate, timely and fully compliant with the relevant local and international standards.

In addition to regular accounting services, we can provide a programme of input, support and consultation to support the growth of your business.